FIT+feminine with Kayla

Welcome, Gorgeous!

My mission is to help you forget about "perfect" as we grow together and support each other on a healing journey to redeem our relationships with our body, food, exercise, feelings, thoughts, and loved ones. 

I'm here as your cheerleader and mindset + lifestyle transformation coach to help you break through burn out, dump the yo-yo diets, sculpt a body you love, and do it in a maintainable (fit+femininely) balanced way. 

I invite you to join our Facebook group; "EmpowHER FIT+feminine". Inside this hundreds strong tribe of sisters I regularly provide you with resources, videos, counsel, accountability, and Q&A to support YOU in your transformation and goals -- for free! 

Together we represent a refreshing counter-cultural alternative to our societyโ€™s distorted standards of health, beauty, and unrealistic expectations of women.


๐Ÿ’ FIT+Feminine Personalized

This 12 week online program is all about YOU, babe! I work 1-on-1 with you to customize and strategize your own nutrition protocol and/or workout program to fit your personal needs and goals - wherever you are! We are in contact with each other daily for VIP level support and weekly for progress + accountability check-ins.

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๐Ÿ’ž FIT+Feminine CLUB Online Membership

Join and get access to the Members Only area of my website & private Facebook group where I give you exclusive videos, challenges, live Q&A's, and monthly workout programs! 

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