Kayla Michelle

My extensive athletic history began at the very young age of 3 years old, when I set out to follow in my Moms footsteps as a dancer, studying all disciplines from Ballet to Ballroom.

In my teen years I enjoyed mixed martial arts training, traveling competitively and earned multiple national championship titles.

At 16yrs old I signed with FORD Models, Inc. agency. As a runway model I was blessed to walk in prestigious San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York Fashion Weeks.  I had the great privilege of working regularly with clientele such as Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Wilkes Bashford, among many others!  It was a very exciting time in my life.

After a year of living my dream in NYC as a model, my introduction to the fitness world was marked by my exit from fashion. I was making admittedly poor choices because I was allowing pressures within the industry to consume me, and as a result I became very ill both mentally and physically — Anorexia and binge/purge eating disorders destroyed my sense of worth and, ultimately, my health.

 NYC @ 115lbs

NYC @ 115lbs

 @ 140lbs

@ 140lbs


For the first time in my life I felt weak, out of control and ashamed.  An all consuming sense of fear overwhelmed me constantly and heavily impacted my quality of life even further. At 115lbs (I’m 6ft short, folks), I reached a turning point; an experience that shook me up and SNAPPED me wide awake to the reality of my lifestyle and how I was abusing my body.

I knew I needed to change... I HAD to change.

I wanted to change…  But like you and so many others, I felt lost and confused, afraid and deeply intimidated by the daunting task before me.

HOW do I change? Where do I even start?

So, I dove into the deep end and earned my first health and fitness certification in exercise and nutrition as a way of empowering myself with knowledge in order to heal.

With much support and the tools I’d gained from my fitness certifications, my mind and body were redeemed!  Not overnight, of course.  Healing is a process.  But over time, I became my own first successful transformation.  And my new career path developed before my eyes as a result.

I still continue to challenge, refine and grow myself everyday, which brings us to the next turning point in my story… My entry into the world of bodybuilding. In my quest to “lead by example”, quench my thirst for competition, and satisfy my hunger for the stage I grew up on, I began competing as an NPC (National Physique Committee) bikini competitor in 2013. Currently, I'm a 145lb (+35lbs!) champion national level competitor.

Throughout my own transformation, I've discovered 3 truths.  Maybe they resonate with you, too:

  • courage is when our vulnerability is embraced and celebrated ... scars and all!

  • fierce confidence and power is a radical love of all that is divinely inherent to our feminine physiology.

  • action is inspired through empowering belief and break throughs.

Since overcoming my own demons, I've felt a deep calling to help other women through their own redeeming transformations. Throughout my career I've been blessed to lead others down their unique paths toward holistic wellness, strength in softness, freedom found in discipline, and enlightened life-long transformation.

You’re next!

I truly hope that my story and my turning points inspire you to redeem your health, as I did! You can count on me for inspirational and educational resources that are simple and effective. More than anything, you can count on me to encourage you and represent a compelling, counter-cultural alternative to society’s often distorted standard of health and beauty.

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