Unicorns Struggle, too!


Do you have those days sometimes when you JUST.CANT.EVEN?

You just don’t FEEL like it?

I do.

*gasp* “Whaaat? KAYLA struggles, too?”
YAS girlfriend! I really do.

Truly, I’d love to be able to give you a quick "123" knockout recipe to having bulletproof will power.

I’d LOVE to claim that I have endless energy and motivation like it seems Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk do.

But, I don’t! (at least not on accident)

No matter how much of a Unicorn you think I am, I am not immune to the pitfalls that you find yourself in, too.

I’m in the trenches with you, girl. I’ve been where you are. 
And there are days I'm still living it in realtime.

As embarrassing as it is to admit considering the example I lead in lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching...


I doubt myself. I get worried and anxious. I stress over big and little insignificant things.

I sleep through my alarm once in a while...

Like I did just this morning. LOL

I woke up tired, cold, and damn irritable because it pisses me off when I make mistakes...like sleeping through my alarm!

I barely had enough time to brush my teeth, run a brush through my hair, and throw my clothes on!

I didn’t get to journal or meditate, which always sets my mindset and emotional energy up for success throughout the day.

I hated having to start my day in this way. I felt like I was 100 steps behind before my barefeet even hit the floor.
How did I recover my composure?

By regaining the ground I felt I’d lost before I even woke up.

By taking ONE damn step at a time.

How did I do that?…

…by taking the FIRST step.

I forgave myself for not being perfect ;)
Then I checked my ego and humbled myself for making a mistake far better humans before me and after me will make themselves.

PERSPECTIVE. I took control and changed my state. I made a CHOICE.

I freaking DECIDED.

Then I set my PURPOSE, reminded myself of my WHY instead of letting those doubts, fears, and insecurities steal my power for the rest of the day…

I don't say this to brag, or get a high-five.

Because we all get up, get dressed, and DO things when we don’t always feel like it, right?

Yes. We do.

BUT, my point to all this jabbering on and on is…
What is our PERSPECTIVE as we take on those things we don’t FEEL like doing?

Are we loathing? Cursing? Begrudging? Belittling? Self righteous?

What area of your life do you show up in and CONQUER regularly?

In order for you to show up and conquer in that area of your life, in order for you to be the WINNER that you are in that way, I'm wondering if you have that same amount of discipline when it comes to your HEALTH?

I meet a lot of people who are emotionally strong for their loved ones, or they’re mentally tough as nails for their careers, disciplined and consistent in their education, laser focused in their pursuit of their personal dream and goal...

But when it comes to building their bodies in which they will live and enjoy their successes and triumphs, they are WEAK.

They stay in their "comfort zone” physically and mentally regarding their health and fitness.

But winners aren’t made inside comfort zones.

You know that’s true, don’t you?

You feel it.
You KNOW it.

Comfortability breeds boredom and regression.

PERFECTION is not the goal here. PROGRESS is.
Conquerors look a challenge dead in the eye and, despite fear, they choose bravery…

In spite of their FEELINGS!

And if that triggers something deep inside the belly of your inner beast who’s TIRED of the bullshit lie comfortability told you to keep you bored and stagnant…

Then I urge you to reach out to me...

Even if it doesn't FEEL comfortable ;)

It makes my toes curl to get to help people who do INCREDIBLE things in business, family, and their communities, but are fed up with achieving less than incredible results in their own personal development, health, and fitness transformations.

Why? Because you're only as strong as your weakest link.
Take an objective look at every area in your life -- are you a balanced badass?

...Health & Fitness?

Don't let your health and fitness be your weakest link in the chain of your dreams. Become a conqueror in this area and watch the ripple affects across every other pillar of life! I promise you will be impressed.

Forget Perfect. Be EPIC!

A Love Letter to my One and Only