A Womans War

I found myself holding my breath, fighting back burning tears, hands clenched, and throat tight as I witnessed Gal Gadot charge across “no mans land” and straight into enemy fire. My emotions were overwhelming.

Have you ever felt inadequate, threatened, or in situations that seemed overpowering? I have.

It’s a battle field, sisters. Woman-hood feels like a f*cking war zone.

The fight requires us to put on our armor, hone our skills, strengthen our defenses, and remain vigilant.

Every day.

There are forces at work that want to see us fail. They want to trip us up. They want to see us cry and beg for mercy. They want to see us give up our power, our divine claim, our fire…

Do you know how they think they’ll win the war on woman hood?

By convincing us that we are unworthy
By telling us that we aren’t good enough as we are.
By setting expectations and standards of perfection that crush our spirits.
By instilling fear and doubt in our minds about what we’re truly capable of.
By silencing our intuition and conviction.
By convincing us that in order to survive, women have to “man up”, toughen up, and shut down our femininity — our vulnerability.
By emasculating MANhood … because when women are overwhelmed and men are distracted, the transcendent balance of masculine:feminine is wrecked.
By betting on us believing the lies they tell us about ourselves.

They’ve put up a good fight. They snuck up on us and surrounded us from all sides. They’ve won a few battles.

But women will win the war. It will take everything we’ve got, but we will triumph.

It will take wisdom, strength, courage, and the audacity to LOVE OUT LOUD to win this war, sisters.

It will take standing firmly in our TRUTH so we can recognize and reject the lies.

I see you, standing beside me… with fire in your eyes and the heart of a warrior princess.
I see you, afraid, but brave beyond belief.
I see you, doubting your strength as you feel the weight of the sword in your hand.

I SEE YOU. I stand with you. Together as a sacred sisterhood, our collective consciousness is rising higher and higher… I feel it.

I’m proud of you ❤ and I’m grateful for you


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