In three months, I went down -35.2lbs. More exciting is my FAT loss down -10%: From 32% to 22%! Kayla has become my guardian angel. Her guidance, nutrition knowledge and compassion are what makes Kayla UNIQUE! She truly cares for your well being and is there every step of the way to reach your goals.  

Make the right choice and choose Kayla!

— Tonita L.


She really went above and beyond my expectations. She went out of her way to make a personal connection with me to keep our training genuine, effective, and motivating. Needless to say, I made more progress with her than I have ever in my life. Thank you Kayla!

— Valerie d.


I highly recommend Kayla. Not only is she beyond knowledgeable in nutrition and fitness training she is also an excellent coach and an exceptional person...I am in the best shape of my life!

— Wendy H.


I can’t say that the gym ever called my name … It was a place I never quite knew what to do with and I felt insecure working out in front of people walking into the weight area. But because of you I kept going, I kept learning, I kept applying, I kept transforming body and mind. I have come to understand my own body in ways that I had once overlooked. I’m feeling a physical strength that I have never felt before, and I know it’s still the beginning of my fit journey.

— Brooke S.


Love this girl! Kayla is the real deal, I'm blessed to know her as a friend and online coach. Top notch trainer and encourager, with a heart of gold. Kayla is top of the line.

— Tracy m.

I've been working with Kayla online for six months … and it has been unbelievably successful for me. I just have to turn my iPad on to perform my exercises and I feel like I have a personal trainer right next to me. After many years of trying on my own at home or at the gym, this is by far the best training I have done!

— Laura d.

Kayla is an excellent, no-nonsense, motivating trainer. Don’t let her good looks fool you! She is a hundred percent professional and expects the same from those around her. If you are ready to make a real change in your life, she is the personal coach you need.

— mandie d.

I adore Kayla, she is the master booty builder! Top notch trainer and really knows what she is doing. My butt has never looked better!

— jessica h.